1o Tricks That Helps A Gidi Bae Get A Flat Belly

Don’t even think about sucking it in so you’ll fit into those cute fitted blue jeans: There are less-painful and longer-lasting ways to get the amazing flat belly you crave.

Here are the surprising foods, tricks, and moves to help kick in. This tips will help you shed inches and pounds, banish the bloat, and feel even more gorgeous.. Hello, skinny jeans!


  • Chew Chew Chew


Chewing is the No. 1 tip to prevent bloating. Chew food until it is like tomato paste in your mouth. Digestion begins in the mouth, and without proper chewing, food is not well-digested. Better-digested food means less gas and bloating.


  • Go Green on Tea

green tea

Among its many benefits, green tea can also lay claim to helping reduce belly fat thanks to antioxidants called catechins that it contains. For extra fat-burning power, sip green tea before a workout.


  • The Magic hour

3 pm

Eat  snack that contains protein between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Go for a protein bar, a piece of low-fat food, or some almonds with an organic apple.

Try not to miss that snack. It’s important because it boosts metabolism and balances blood sugar. The lower you keep your blood sugar, the lower you keep your insulin, and insulin makes you store fat around your belly. Eating every three to four hours will keep your blood sugar even, but many people tend to go five or six hours between lunch and dinner without eating.


  • Own a ball

cardio ball

Do the ball exchange three times a week. Lay flat on your back with your arms above your head and legs straight out. Start with a stability ball above your head in your hands. Bring the ball up above your chest as you bring your legs up to meet the ball and place it between your ankles. Bring the ball back down to the floor with your legs and straighten your arms back out over your head.

Repeat the ball exchange 10 to 12 times, remembering to keep your lower back pressed into the floor as you do this move.


  • Beef up on this belly-zapping hormone

eat less sugar

Consume less sugar as possible. This will keep insulin levels low and also keep levels of glucagon high. Glucagon, a hormone, is the best friend you could ever have in the struggle for a flat belly!

The less sugar you consume, the lower your insulin and the higher your glucagon…it’s as simple as that.


  • Eating portion


Controlled meals that include whole grain foods and monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) throughout the day is the best way to eat for a flat belly. People who eat whole grains lose more abdominal fat, And making most of the fats you eat MUFAs reduces ab flab.


  • Laugh it out

Women laughing together outdoors

The best thing your abs need is laughing. Every time you laugh it strengthens your abs.

So, if you start busting a gasp, you are absolutely toning your abs.


  • Flat belly cheat

long leg

Draw attention away from your middle by playing up a different body part.

If it’s your legs, wear skirts or slim pants.

Shoulders, bare them even if just a bit with a boatneck or sweetheart neckline.

Cleavage? Make sure your bra does its job. If your bra rides up in the back, the bra has likely stretched out. If it accentuates back flab or if the space between the cups doesn’t lie flat, go up a size.


  • Punch it out


Add boxing to your cardio routine. When you throw punches with weights or at a fast pace, you’re working your core in a way that helps to flatten your midsection. You must engage your core to throw punches, and twisting your torso works all the ab muscles.

Boxing also gives you a cardio workout that burns extra calories. Add 16 minutes of boxing three times a week to your regular cardio routine (30 minutes at high intensity four to five times a week), and you can lose up to 2 inches from your waist in four weeks. Simply throw punches while holding 1- or 2-pound weights for 8 minutes, alternating arms, then repeat without weights at a faster pace for 8 more minutes.


  • Timeline


Diet first, Cardio second, Building muscle third, and Abs exercises last. Follow it and you can safely lose one to two pounds a week. Spend 60 minutes a day preparing healthier meals. Spend 20 minutes a day three to five times weekly doing cardio. Spend 15 minutes a day three times a week strength training. Finally, spend 5 minutes a day three times a week doing abs exercises.

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