A Weekend At Eko Hotel

Lol! It’s not what you think. I didn’t go for ‘runs’. I had work stuff to do over the weekend, was tiring but exciting.

Now, so much happened over the weekend and there is too much gist, but I will just focus on the most interesting.

I met another gentleman :). This time, younger.

I met him while I was down to get breakfast, I was trying to figure out what to eat, what with all the food porn they laid out.

Anyway… so this cute guy walked out of nowhere, smiled sweetly at one of the attendants and said “There are no cutleries at my table”

He had me at that :’)

So I finally decided on something to eat and then I positioned myself at a table beside his. We were alone (thank God) at our tables. I may have said “Hi” first, I can’t remember, but that was all it took to get him to start rattling on about a lot of things I barely heard. The only thing I saw was his face, and his smile.

Long story short.. he got my WhatsApp number and texted me to come up to his room….

Story continues Next Week.

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