Discount Hotels? No Please!

If I ever have to go to a hotel in Surulere again, it must be five star.

I’m telling you, there are hotels in this world, the worst of them are in Surulere and its environs.

Remember I mentioned last week that my friends and I were lodging somewhere this weekend?

Ugh! It was the worst ever.

I don’t know how my friend found this SHITTY hotel. I think it was all those discount hotels online. Omgggggg *remembers hotel and cringes*

Three of us had already contributed money for a room, drinks and food. Apparently, my stupid friend was trying to cut back. So he went online and delivered hell.

I remember the cab dropped us at the address and from the outside I could already  tell this was gonna be trouble.

Then we went in and we saw that they’d dismantled their generator, it was scattered on the floor, the windows in the rooms were open (means no A.C.) red flag right there!!!

Then there was the putrid smell.

And the stained walls that made my body crawl.

Then we went in and we saw them lined up all the way down the hallway. Some were in their rooms. One girl was actually mopping her ‘room’.

At that moment, it didn’t hit me yet. Not until one cooed at my friend

Bros how far na? You want sharp sharp abi till early momo?

That it finally hit me. We were at a brothel!!!

Then I just ran.

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