Friday Night

So I got drunk on Friday night. I didn’t plan to, but then, do we ever plan to?

I’d just gotten in from work and my cousin was all over my areola about going out with some work buddies. I hadn’t had fun in forever so I thought, what the hell?

So I got all fleeked out and we drove to the guys’ zone.

Turns out these guys wanted to have a ‘private’ house party. LOL. I’m just sitting there, signalling to my cousin like I didn’t get all fleeked out for nothing, are we hitting the clubs and lounges or nah?

We eventually left the weirdoes and went to a club around Ikeja, no, not Rumors, it’s some really chilled club.

It appeared to be TOO chilled, and by chilled I mean scanty, so we left and went to some other club where I met this lovely 42 year old gentleman who could dance his socks off.

We hung out at that club with the lovely gentleman till about 5am. Needless to say, I don’t know how I got home, all I know is that I woke up at exactly 11:30 am with a piercing headache.

So yeah, I got drunk on Friday night. Will I do it again?

Hell yeah!


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