Gentleman, because I’m drunk

I haven’t gotten drunk in a while, my social life has suffered a severe hiccup, all thanks to work.

I long for the weekends, when I can wake up when I want and work at home. It’s bad enough I don’t have a bae, now the social life gotta stay crippled? Oh hell naw.

There are couple shows this December that I’m looking forward to working at. I should be bae hunting while I’m working and staying social. Oh and It’s time to hit Lagos Island/Yaba for new threads and kicks, since Jumia and Mr. Price are bent on squeezing me for everything I’ve got.

On the bae note, the 42 year old gentleman from the club last week called me.

Was it good to hear from him? Yesss!

Him – “Come hang out with me this evening, we will have a drink and I will drop you off”

Me – “Oh dear. I would love to, but I already have plans, can we do Saturday?”

Before I could say Jack Robinson. Gentleman was undone.

Him – “What do you mean you have plans?! Do you know how old I am? Do you know the things I can do for you?”

Baba went on and on and on. After the rant,

Me – “Sorry Sir, but have you paid my bride price?” He replied and said he plans to if I’m a good girl. LOL.

We met in a freaking club Sir, there ain’t nothing good about me, if you want a good girl, go pick a girl from your church choir. Mschew.

Anyway, this weekend is supposed to be lit. My friends and I are taking a room at a hotel and there is a show this Sunday.

Gidi girl is going bae hunting!




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