Glam On The Go

It’s 7:25 pm on Friday and you are still at the office. You are in your work clothes and makeup from the morning. The weekend party awaits, friends already calling and you are in desperate need of an instant fresh.

Here’s everything you need to get all fresh and fabulous in 30 minutes or less.

Transform your look from daytime casual to ultra glam evening-quick, fast and in a hurry. All you need are a few bold pieces to get you through the Friday night vibes in style.


Style Tip 1:

Every lady needs a trendy little black dress to go from work to play seamlessly. Think chick with an angle. Start with a basic silhouette and indulge in a unique detail.


1. Spurge on this sassy….. With a daring dash of pattern



2. Steal the strong shoulder and rock star studded on this



Style Tip 2:

Statement jewellery is a great conversation piece to add to a simple outfit. You’ll become the life of the party without saying a word.

Take risk with texture, Mix in heavy metals with ultra feminine accents.


3. Earrings 


4. Purse   


5. Bracelet   


6. Sandal 



Style Tip 3:

Dress your do with romantic hair ornaments that add instant intrigue for dramatic evening look.

Then you are good to go…


Anything missing that you think should be added, Let’s hear your thoughts.











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