How a Lagos Babe Look Fabulous On a Budget

When you hear people, especially in the city of Lagos, going on about the amount they have spent on whatever ill-fitting cloths they were wearing at the time? What these wannabe fashion commandos miss is that it is not about how much or what you wear, but rather how you wear it. Very often, you could spend next to nothing and look absolutely fabulous.

I am never averse to spending top money on cloths, but i believe that no matter how much is spent, you should alway make sure you wear it well.

My most adored item of clothing is a black fitted evening dress i bought from a Jovani store on Broadway, New York. Though, not every jane on the streets of Lagos might make it to NYC but then, there is Yaba Market, Mandilas, Aswani and whatever happened to having a thing at designing your own outfit to fit your person.

Sometimes, we never know how creative we are until we try.


So i have six easy steps to looking fab on a little budget that won’t hurt you.

  1. Never buy an item of clothing because it looks good on your friend.
  2. Spend as much time as you can afford at thrift stores. You can source out amazing pieces there without breaking your bank account.
  3. Oh yes! you need to watch your body or the clothes won’t fit.
  4. Be on a constant look out for sales on top end designer clothes.
  5. If your outfit was bought in Yaba, walk with your head held up high, as if they were bought at the best cloth store in town. it’s all about oozing positive vibes.
  6. Have a thing at designing your own outfits, get a good tailor to make it.

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