Jesuso Ortiz : Delightful Illustrations Completed with Everyday Objects

Spain based Artist Jesuso Ortiz creates colorful illustrations using everyday objects in a delightfully clever way. The creatives employs a myriad of unconventional materials from buttons to flowers to badminton birdies and seamlessly integrates them into his images. Suddenly, these objects have extended beyond their intended use.

They now make up clothing, fish, feathers, and more.

Ortiz’s repurposing of these conventional items will instantly grab your attention. The three-dimensional element, when paired with minimalist drawings, strikes the right balance of vibrant colors, bold details, and interesting textures.

They aren’t overworked or overly complicated. As a result, his illustrations feel fresh and contemporary, harnessing the carefree spontaneity of a sketch.

jesuso_ortiz 1

jesuso_ortiz 2

jesuso_ortiz 3

jesuso_ortiz 4

jesuso_ortiz 5

jesuso_ortiz 6

jesuso_ortiz 7

jesuso_ortiz 8

jesuso_ortiz 9

jesuso_ortiz 10

jesuso_ortiz 11

jesuso_ortiz 12

jesuso_ortiz 13

jesuso_ortiz 14

jesuso_ortiz 15

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